Smoothies are the best! The absolute best. You can tell we are huge fans. Smoothies are healthy, perfect as a snack, after workout fuel, breakfast on the go etc. There are many reasons why we love smoothies; they help to boost the immune system, cleanse your body, improve sleep, and can serve as a meal replacement.

Who doesn't love Ice-cream? These creamy treats are a delight we all love to enjoy once in a while. In case you get a craving for a bowl of ice-cream, we have the perfect recipe for you to make it yourself. This homemade vanilla ice cream makes use of only 3 ingredients! And you don’t even need an Ice Cream maker.

If you have been craving banana bread, you are in the right place. That is one delicious bread, moist and yummy. And with this easy recipe, you can prepare it yourself at home. Don’t get rid of the overripe bananas in the kitchen, they are just perfect as they are.